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Maria Island National Park (including details about the ferry)

Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race Summary and Statistics

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Michael Ludeke speaking at the launch of the
Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race at the
RYCT 11 July 2009

Michael with Premier Bartlett at the RYCT
on 11 July 2009 for the launch of
The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

Michael, Deb, Brandon, Emily and Lachlan with
Premier Bartlett for the launch of
The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

Minister Lisa Singh, Premier David Bartlett, Hobart Lord Mayor
Rob Valentine, Michael Hodgman MHA and Glenorchy Mayor Adriana Taylor
at the launch of The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

Premier David Bartlett launching the
Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race 11 July 2009

Author Michael Ludeke with the Tasmanian Premier,
Paul Lennon MHA, after the launch of Ten Events Shaping
Tasmania's History at Parliament House in Hobart on 23 July 2007.

Federal member for Lyons, Dick Adams MP, launches the second
edition of Tasmania's Maria Island: A Comprehensive History and Visitor's Guide
on 5 November 2005 at the Eastcoaster Resort, Louisville

Michael with Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race co-founder, Peter Luke, on 11 July 2002
at Angus and Robertson in Sydney. Peter launched Michael's second book
The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race: 1945 - 2001.
Peter Luke passed away on 23 September 2007 aged 92, the last of the skippers from the inaugural 1945 race.

Mount Bishop and Clerk looms with the Commissariat Store,
now the visitor information centre, in the foreground.
The building was completed in 1825 and is the oldest on Maria Island.

The beautiful Darlington Bay has always been
the main entrance point for Maria Island over many different eras.

The Darlington "quadrangle" with the penitentiary at the back
and the coffee palace at the front where the 208 separate
apartment convict cells once stood

Mount Bishop and Clerk overlooks Fossil Bay and
the incredible Fossil Cliffs

The wonderful sandstone Painted Cliffs
just south of Darlington on Maria Island

Historical ruins in Darlington on Maria Island

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